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Solar and Storage | Brisbane Electrical, Air Conditioning & Smart Homes
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Solar Panel Installation & Maintenance

Whether you are installing solar panels with a battery system or as a stand alone system Envested has you covered. Our preferred suppliers are reputable and trusted names in the industry.  Our licensed specialists are fully accredited with the Clean Energy Council, ensuring their expertise on solar power installation and making them qualified to carry out the job. We install both residential and commercial solar systems and have a vast experience in both fields. 

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Solar And Storage

Batteries are becoming an increasing popular option allowing a back up to store any excess energy you have generated from your solar panels instead of feeding it back into the grid. What this means is you are reducing your energy bills and provides you with an option to have energy during power outages depending on how much energy is stored within the batteries. Envested can help choose the most effective design and products to ensure you increase your profits by utilising batteries.

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“I recommend this company to all my customers. The people at Envested have excellent support and they are always patient and helpful. They will help you navigate through all the solar options available and set you up so you can start saving money and increasing profits in your home.”


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Envested specialises in energy investment strategies within electrical systems with the aim of reducing business costs and producing alternative investment streams. Envested designs and constructs renewable energy systems, power quality equipment and energy management.

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